Whenever Lindsay is actually chosen off the isle and you can goes to Playa Des Losers, they keep its dating once again

Whenever Lindsay gets call at the new dodgeball video game and guides right back into benches, Tyler surf during the the girl and you may she swells straight back, up to it captures the interest out of Heather, which purposefully places a baseball on Tyler. Later on, Tyler attacks Lindsay regarding the face which have a great dodgeball accidentally. Up on seeing, the guy shouts away and you can works to help her up. Whenever she recovers, he informs her one to she still seems high (even if her face is actually greatly bruised,) following asks Lindsay if she would like to pick a great walk. She agrees, and the a few drop off throughout the problem.

Whenever Heather afterwards involves find them, she captures them according to the pier, due to Lindsay’s giggling. Tyler had a canoe thrown on him in order to disrupt their moment, and you can both have been split up by their bossy management to your rest of your event. Subsequently, they’d already been appointment inside miracle since the Heather failed to wanted Lindsay watching Tyler and you may Courtney did not require Tyler watching Lindsay. At this point, both communities was in fact scared one to Tyler and Lindsay will give away for each others’ team’s faults, supplying the contrary cluster the top hands. Lindsay manage commonly bail on her behalf alliance responsibilities to get with Tyler, despite Heather’s objections.

Nearly Greatest

Lindsay punches Tyler a hug over the really stands. Tyler grabs it and winks in the the lady. Lindsay grins and you may products affectionately in order to your, however, observes you to definitely Heather could have been glaring on the woman, therefore she nervously leaves their hands at the rear of the woman straight back. Lindsay belongs to watch Gwen to be sure she actually as much as something. Lindsay gets bored with the lady activity right away, even though seeing along with her binoculars, notices Tyler, who’s being limited by the a great yo-yo. She requires attention to his butt, seeing it as truly the only fascinating thing indeed there.

Sooner, Lindsay pursues Tyler and additionally they in some way feel tied up with her, making out regarding the restroom in which Heather and Courtney are not lookin. Afterwards one date, Bridgette attempts to handstand to own 20 minutes, however, the woman tummy becomes unpleasant and you may she actually starts to barf almost everywhere. She after that glides and you may lands within the Tyler’s arms. Lindsay runs in the throughout the front and you may yells in the Bridgette to help you « puke for her own sweetheart, » however envious from the world even though there was no close implications after all anywhere between Bridgette and you may Tyler. Even when she is cends their previous report by claiming that she never even said the phrase « sweetheart. »

Phobia Factor

When Tyler try voted out-of, Lindsay cannot bring it while the tough as most partners perform. All she will it blow him a kiss good-bye regarding confessional, and you may claims one she’s going to remember their time along with her. She affect messes up his identity, getting in touch with your Taylor prior to correcting herself.

Haute Go camping-ture

Tyler can be seen with Lindsay standing on his lap on start of the episode, while they’re getting interviewed by the Chris. Lindsay covers how she is ready to be having Tyler once again. It kiss, even when the woman is still puzzled regarding and that camper is Tyler. She afterwards asks a lot of people, as well as Eva and you may a keen eskimo, when they Tyler. After, when the removed campers is actually seated together with her by pool to vote from anyone, he could be seen carrying hands.

The past Episode, Most!

Within the a broad-display attempt of everybody celebrating Owen’s win, Lindsay and you can Tyler can be seen making out and you can smiling at every most other regarding the record. Whenever someone delays having Chris supply Owen the last marshmallow, Lindsay and you may Tyler can be seen smiling at every most other. In Gwen’s end, Lindsay cries on Beth if you find yourself Tyler unhappily observe Lindsay.